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The police has published an identikit suspected of murder of two guys

Police officers have published an identikit and signs of the alleged offender who has made double murder. Guards hope for the help jaroslavtsev. The man is not found till now. That he still can do, is difficult even assume.

we Will remind, today, on December, 20th, about o`clock in the morning in the street Tchkalov in Yaroslavl, near to the entertaining centre « Parnassus » there was a brutal murder. The unknown man has run up with a knife to the company of youth which left an institution and stood in the street, has snatched on guys and began to strike chaotic blows. Two guys of 19 and 22 years have died on the spot, one young man has received some the knife wounds, but remained is live. Now to his life and health threatens nothing. The man who has arranged knifing, has disappeared at once. To catch it without delay it was not possible (read: « The inadequate man has attacked the company of youth and on a place killed two guys »)

According to numerous witnesses and eyewitnesses of incident in police have made a portrait of the criminal. Its signs: by sight years 25 - 27, growth 185 - 187 centimetres, a sports constitution. Hair it is light - fair-haired, combed on the right side. Has been dressed in a grey jacket on buttons, black jeans and black krossovki.

All who possesses the information which can help with disclosing of this crime and search of the criminal, ask to be converted by phone 02 or by telephone hotline UMVD of Russia across Yaroslavl region (4852 73 - 10 - 50, confidentiality is guaranteed.