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Vladimir Filat became the best politician of 2011

the Chairman of the government Vladimir Filat has headed a rating of 50 most influential politicians of Moldova in 2011. On the second place - and. An island of president Marian the Magnifier, on the third - capital town governor Dorin Kirtoake. These are results of the rating published today which has been made by the Center of strategic researches and political consulting “ Đoliticon “.

Vladimir Filat and Marian the Magnifier have reserved the same positions that occupied last year, and Dorin Kirtoake has risen on three steps. The fourth place in a rating head MIDEI Yury Ljanke occupies, the fifth - the party leader of communists Vladimir Voronin who in comparison with last year has risen on two positions. The chairman of Liberal party of Mihaj Gimpu has taken the sixth place, having gone down on three positions, it followed by the first vitse - speaker Vladimir Plahotnjuk.

the biggest change in the list of 50 most influential politicians - at the chairman of the party of socialists Igor Dodona: it has taken the eighth place, having risen on six positions. The ninth place in a rating was occupied with the honourable chairman of Democratic party Dmitry Djakov. The chairman of the Constitutional court Alexander Tenase closes first ten influential politicians of 2011.

the Rating of the most influential politicians of year represents generalisation of positions with which they occupied throughout 11 months of current year. 39 experts estimated politicians depending on their influence on the cores decisions made in the country, popularity among the population, frequencies of occurrence in mass-media, and also from the point of view of political prospects.