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In Tatarstan after a fire the police protected a high-rise building from marauders

the Fire in a high-rise building on the prospectus of Chemists has begun last night when the majority of inhabitants had time to come back home from work. The apartment on the second floor has lighted up. The smoke has quickly extended upwards on all entrance. A part of people could leave independent, a part escaped by means of a fire-escape.   to leave a burning building to inhabitants of an entrance passers-by helped.

In apartment where there was a kindling, there lived tenants. According to neighbours, 20 minutes prior to happened, there there was a young pair, but at the moment of arrival ognebortsev in apartment already was nobody. The entrance door has been opened.

As a result of a fire 3 persons have been taken to hospital, among them the one-year-old boy. After survey physicians have released the kid home. Two other victims has carried less - with the diagnosis « the Poisoning with carbonic oxide » They have been hospitalised and now are in hospital.  

In spite of the fact that the fire managed to be liquidated quickly, the apartment has burnt out completely. All entrance was smoked.

All night long about the house police officers that there were no marauding cases were on duty. Inhabitants of an entrance have for a while moved to relatives. A cause of the fire - casual handling of fire. In searches of tenants the police now is engaged, informs a scientific and technological revolution Nizhnekamsk.