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In Rostov doctor BSMP - 2 accuse of death of the patient

the Don consequence has filed criminal charges concerning the doctor - the urologist of branch BSMP - 2 Rostovs. The physician suspect of death causing on imprudence from - for bad executions of the professional duties.

under the version of the investigation, in July, 2010 in hospital has been delivered 67 - the summer woman with the diagnosis « nephritic kolika from a pyelonephritis ». Despite the treatment appointed the doctor, in some days to the pensioner became worse, it have translated in resuscitation. Instead of changing the chosen course of treatment, the doctor has continued old, as a result the patient has died. As it was found out, it was possible to rescue unfortunate, but the doctor has shown irresponsibility that has been proved by examinations.

- It is established causally - investigatory communication between inadequate execution of professional duties by suspect and death of the patient, - explain in investigatory management SK on RO.

to the doctor threatens till three years of imprisonment with an interdiction for the same term to treat patients.