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Every fifth failure in the Tula region occurs because of pedestrians

Breakdown susceptibility on roads of the Tula region is one of the most serious socially - economic problems. Annually in area it is made more than 2 850 dorozhno - transport incidents. In them 400 persons perish nearby and get wounds of various severity level nearby 3 700 persons.

Thus, 80 % of failures occur because of drivers, 20 % - because of pedestrians.

Following the results of 2010, the quantity of road accident was reduced to 1,1 % (with 2 890 to 2 859). The Death toll also has decreased for 9,5 % (with 442 to 400) and injured – on 1,9 % (with 3 741 to 3 671).

2011 yet has not ended, but, being based on statistics for 5 months, it is possible to say that.     in comparison with the similar period of 2010, the quantity of road accident was reduced to 5,2 %. Quantity of wounded men   has decreased for 4,7 %. And that is especially pleasant, the quantity of failures in which children have suffered has decreased for 16,7 %.

And here the quantity of the road accidents made because of drivers in a drunken state, has increased by 13 %. The quantity of victims has increased on 21,7 %.