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In peterburge +2, and in the Moscow area ask to clean icicles from balconies

Certainly, security above all – and icicles and naled should be cleaned in time from the balconies. Or to provide to them access of services of housing and communal services. Only here on a court yard pljusovaja the temperature and as - a leah that that is inappropriate looks such announcement at an entrance.

In « ZHilkomservise 1 » the Moscow area have decided remind once again of that what threat for life can to represent icicles. Tenants should know and remember, after all weather changes quickly. In Moscow the whole week snow lies, and is possible, colds already on the way to St.-Petersburg.

Were reinsured

the Main thing that services of housing and communal services have not forgotten to warn tenants when snow will really drop out. Preventive maintenance business good, but the main thing the end result. And that announcements in November - December are stuck, like all good fellows, and in their month any more will not be. And new will not appear, and here and snow already goes also icicles hang down from roofs.

By the way

In some areas from the end of November at entrances it is possible to see announcements that cars are better be not to putting close to the house, as « there is a snow dump ».