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On uljanovtsev have attacked in own apartment

In one of September evenings 2009 in working settlement Isheevka the father with the son came back with   works home. On road they have missed each other: the man has gone to shop, and the son - home and has not locked on a habit a door – soon after all the father will come.

predators &ndash have used It; have got into apartment, have attacked the young man and threatened it with a knife and a pistol, extorting money.

- They knew that the family is engaged in enterprise activity in the markets of a city of Ulyanovsk and has good incomes, - has informed a press - service UMVD of Russia across the Ulyanovsk region, - therefore for a long time already conducted behind it shadowing. In some minutes the senior owner of apartment who also has undergone to an attack from unknown persons has returned. Criminals have connected the victims and began to torture for finding-out where there are valuable things.

So predators managed to get 300 thousand roubles, gold and other valuable things for the sum of 350 thousand roubles. When criminals have disappeared, victims have called militia, but those have not found any traces on which it would be possible to find robbers – they operated in gloves and masks.

However, in 2010 one of predators has been caught on a similar crime, after a while have found also other accomplices. Now to them threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.