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The nine-year inhabitant of Transbaikalia became the most young infringer of frontier

the Small inhabitant of Transbaikalia became the most young infringer of border, having walked on territory of China. The nine-year boy who has gone on fishing with the father and decided to walk on coast of the transboundary river Argun, hardly probable could present, than, in final bills, walk will turn back for it.

While the father buril in ice lunku, his son left without supervision, has come on the party boundary the Peoples Republic of China. When the parent has understood that its offspring much has a little broken frontier has hasty returned the son home, has curtailed tackles and has left a fishing place, hoping that illegal intrusion into China and remains not noticed.

the combatants making planned spot-check on check of a mode of frontier Have convicted infringers. They have found out the traces conducting on territory of China and back on what have reported on an outpost. However, criminal case was not raised in communication by early age of the infringer of border - frontier guards have only spent with the boy and his family preventive conversation, passes ITAR - TASS.