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Near Lipetsk will judge the guy who has killed the girl, refused to it in sex

This crime has called shock at elchan. 19 - the summer girl was gone more year back, on November, 5th. It has left on a party to the girlfriend. In the company the girl has drunk from three girls and three young men of a few beer and has gathered home. It was called to bring 25 - the summer guy. The young man has appeared the last who it saw. The girl was gone.

without having waited the daughter, mum has written the application in militia. The guy bringing the girl, in the meantime too has written the application in militia about stealing of its car. However this reception has not taken away from it suspicions. The young man have soon detained on suspicion in murder of the girl.

First the guy has confessed in a crime and has shown, where there is a body of the killed. He has told that in the car has tried to incline it to affinity, but the girl has refused. Then beat off, when the villain tried to take it by force. The furious moron has seized a bottle, has broken it and « rozochkoj » cut a neck of the victim. It has brought a body of the girl to the river the Pine, ashore has found the thrown shed. The corpse has turned in polyethylene and has thrown in a ravine. There the body has lain 12 days.

- On a consequence this moral freak told about a crime surprisingly easy. The only thing that it interested — a leah it will sit or not. When it have asked, what for has killed my daughter, he has responded that does not know, has told « So it has turned out » - tears of a pain and rage the father of the killed girl Vladimir hardly constrains.

Subsequently the guy tried to refuse the words, declared innocence in spite of the fact that itself has shown where the body of the girl lies.

- Yelets inspectors have passed in court criminal case under articles « Deliberate causing of a little harm of health » and « Murder on purpose to hide other crime » - Galina Karlina, the assistant administrator of SOU SK has informed the Russian Federation across the Lipetsk region . – If fault of the guy will prove, it will receive from eight till 20 years of prison. Considering that the young man does not have also repenting shade, the big term is more probable.