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Tower of griffins of the power are going to take down contrary to interdiction KGIOP

the Court yard of the house 16 - 18 on 7 - oh lines of Vasilevsky island has turned in the field of fight. And all – from - for a vent pipe of chemical laboratory which in the people name the Tower of griffins. The set of legends is connected with it, and tourists go to look at it crowds, delivering to local residents a heap of inconveniences.

To begin with inhabitants of the house have simply hung gate that strangers could not get to a court yard. But, apparently, those as - that pronimali. And then they have decided to destroy object of pilgrimage on a broader scale. It is told – it is made. Local active workers have written the letter to administration vasileostrovskogo area, have complained of burdens of life near to tourist attraktsii, have collected signatures – also it is ready.

However, against has acted KGIOP. After all in this house the ancient drugstore of Pelja, and in a cellar &ndash is located; its chemical laboratory. It is the revealed object of a cultural heritage, and the Tower of griffins – its integral part. That is about any pulling down of speech cannot go.

- Tenants of the house were converted and to me, - deputy ZakSa Alexey Kovalev has told. – I asked the regional authorities to put things in order: that have established protection. And has received therefrom the answer that a tower on a broader scale will take down. I did not ask it to take down!

Kovalev has supported The words with the letter received by it from Vasileostrovsky administration signed by first zamglavy of Oleg Fadeenko. In it it is accurately told: « Dismantle of the brick pipe located in a court yard of the house 16 on 7 line of Century O will be executed in 2012 at the expense of means of economy after competitive procedures ».

Here so – for budget money the regional power is going to destroy a historical monument. However, in the pipe anything especially valuable, seemingly, is not present. A legend about griffins – It is a fruit of imagination of artist Alexey Kostromy which when - that had a studio in this court yard.

- Kostroma has arranged to people cheerful life, - Kovalev speaks. – from a window he Looked at this pipe, and has then started mulku, has numbered bricks. Also has moved down from a workshop. Actually it at all a pipe, and a piece of the pipe conducting from chemical laboratory. A pipe have disassembled after war, and a part have left, having covered from above that water did not become numb. But as it is necessary to save an element of its laboratory, time is the revealed monument. And as the tower does not represent an independent construction to any value. But inhabitants already become crazy from such life, they will take down it, without being afraid of criminal punishment.

it is valid, if the authorities do not help, inhabitants of the house plan to get rid of tourist object. Most likely, the act of vandalism will take place in January, during New Year`s vacation. These days almost all urban services have a rest, and to watch a brick pipe, most likely, there will be nobody. And then – search - fistulas guilty. Similar precedents in Petersburg already were. For example, one year ago the investor has begun a pulling down of the Literary house at the corner of the Neva prospectus and Fontanka. From - for feasts gradozashchitniki have noticed that something not and have made noise when to rescue a building already it was impossible.


the Opinion of the expert

Is Klondike!

the Director of travel agency Elizabeth SHURYGINA:

- All over the world such small objects fanned by legends, make enormous profit. There is a trade in souvenirs, cards, money for a photo - and a video shooting is raised. The order is thus provided: local authorities establish hours of visitation of object tourists, watch cleanliness. If it organises all local TSZH, all profit will go to tenants, if a management company – that it will affect the size of the rent which can strongly decrease. It is just necessary not to be too lazy and something to make. And to take down a tower – easier and most silly.