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Names of nine identified seamen " became known; Kola

the Chisel platform which has turned over in sea of Okhotsk, has found again to reflect that the sea does not forgive errors … to That acknowledgement of accident of submarines the Member of the Komsomol Kursk To - 159, now « Kola » instantly nicknamed oil and gas Kursk . A chisel platform with 67 people on a board which during a storm have decided to drag on a tow   across all sea of Okhotsk, as if it not a platform any, and kruiznyj the liner...

At present from ice water have got bodies of 11 persons.   as has told «» a source in « AMNGR » it is identified nine persons. It:

Six from nine victims   - murmanchane.

- Bodies of 11 victims with sunk in sea of Okhotsk chisel « Kola » deliver to Sakhalin 22 - on December, 23rd. Expenses on journey, residing, a food of arriving relatives were incurred by the company Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka - inform in the regional government of the Sakhalin region.