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Two murderers will appear before court in Khabarovsk

Under the version of the investigation, on September, 29th, 2011 in Southern district of Khabarovsk the company from four men drank spirits. During a feast between them quarrel, and then and fight has flashed. Two their drinking companions became victims accused. Blows put hands, feet, a poker, a stool. From the received wounds victims have died on the spot.

After such ending of a feast 30 - the summer malefactor has left to itself home, and 40 - the summer master of the house has transferred bodies of victims in kladovku. Next day he has asked an axe and a shovel for tenants of the next house. About it after some days the friend of victims who searched for them has learnt. This information has seemed to it suspicious, therefore it has passed it in law enforcement bodies.

on October, 6th, 2011 during survey of the house of a body have been found out. Accused have detained and have detained. During the investigation malefactors have given grateful evidences and have told that wanted to hide vestiges of the crime for what were going to dismember and dig corpses.

the Consequence collects sufficient evidentiary base, business with the confirmed bill of particulars is directed to court, informs a press - service of SOU SK across Khabarovsk territory.