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Khabarovsk SKA - the Oil industry worker last match of year

Before a match anybody has played and could not think that modestly acting recently « SKA - the Oil industry worker » will force to capitulate operating champions. Nevertheless, « it is yellow - black » have created a positive miracle, not only having played the best match in a current season, but also having made uniform defeat of champions. Khabarovsk citizens have shown bright, flashing, high-speed hockey which, for certain, will remember still for a long time as local bolely « soldiers » so fans of the Kazan command.

Nevertheless, all began under the scenario of citizens of Kazan. Visitors aggressively have gone forward, and already their first attack has crowned by a successful capture of gate of Victor Yashin. Sergey Obuhov has thrown in break Laakkonena, and the best bombardir « the Dynamo » has coolly thrown an orange ball to Khabarovsk citizens. On 14 - j to minute « the flying Finn » Has developed success and has issued a double in a match. And on 28 - j to minute Victor Yashin was afflicted already with Maxim Chermnyh.

it would Seem, the worst forecasts have come true, and the match will turn back a nightmare for Khabarovsk citizens. However « SKA - the Oil industry worker » nevertheless could break a match course, and at the bill 1:3 not only has recouped, but also has simply smeared   the rival on ice in second half of meeting. 8:4 – with such bill Khabarovsk citizens have crushed visitors from Kazan, balls on the bill of Popova, Pochkunova, Markin, Ismagilova and Stebletsova.