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To Tutaevsky area there has arrived a boat on an air cushion

the Problem of ice crossings is very actual for the Yaroslavl region. As soon as strike frosts, inhabitants of area direct to the frozen water, forgetting about elementary safety rules. From here and every possible states of emergency. Therefore necessity of occurrence of ice crossings was obvious. Especially in Tutaev which is divided by Volga on two parts.

Yesterday, on December, 26th, the assistant to the governor of Yaroslavl region Andrey Epaneshnikov, the chief of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Yaroslavl region Paul Baryshev and the main state inspector GIMS the Ministries of Emergency Measures of Russia across Yaroslavl region Paul Trusov have presented to the public the new hovercraft adapted for a crossing of people through the river Volga in Tutaev.  

Now the boat which has arrived to Tutaevsky area on an air cushion « Mars ‑ 2000 » Will help to provide to citizens a safe crossing both during the winter period and in any other season. Simultaneously 20 persons can be located on a vessel. « Mars - 2000 » will work without breaks and days off already from tomorrow.