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In Moscow two are beaten successively a temperature record

the Whole two temperature records was is fixed less than for days.

In 21. 00 Moscow time Monday, on December, 26th, the thermometer column has risen +3,6 degrees. The previous maximum for December, 26th was marked in 1980 and 2009 – 3,4 degrees of heat.

at Night weather has again put a record: air has got warm to +4,1 degrees that has blocked the past « achievement » almost on degree. In far 1898 the temperature of +3,3 degrees has been fixed.

in the Morning on Tuesday has a little become cold, but will become warmer to +4 in the afternoon. « There is a probability that the record fixed on night, will be again blocked » – have informed « to Interfax » gidrometeobjuro Moscow and Moscow Region.

the thaw Reason — in intensive carrying out of warm air from Atlantic ocean. Marina Makarova has told about it to us the leading expert of hydrometeorological centre of Russia:

- Today the temperature has gone down at daybreak, now in Moscow about 1 degree, on a surface of the earth temperature negative, very much skolzko, a glaze ice.

But during the day we expect that the temperature will raise still, and a maximum today at level 3 - 5 degrees so we will overcome again a former record of value and, probably, dazheeshche value of a record of today will be specified.