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In 2011 in Priamure rescuers liquidated CHS more than 900 times

Within the limits of commemorating of Day of the rescuer, employees of the Amur Ministry of Emergency Measures on solemn assembly have told about they have faced what difficulties in 2011 and as they managed to consult with them.

we will softly tell, for our region year was rich on emergency situations. The tornado, crash landing AN - 24 at the Blagoveshchensk airport, earthquake which has reached in the north of area of 6 points, failure of a military bomber of the SOU - 24 under Seryshevom, in general, without work rescuers did not remain.

But the Amur forces of the Ministry of Emergency Measures consider as one of the main merits the general decrease in fires in region. Them became less already on 3 %.

the death toll has decreased For 16 % in fires of people also. And it was possible to rescue more than 120 persons.

On a broader scale in leaving year our rescuers liquidated consequences of emergency situations more than 900 times, and firemen extinguished fires more than 5000 times. The area of forest fires passed by fire and palov from 43 thousand to 40 thousand the hectares, any of them was reduced, to a word has not passed to settlements.

Have updated and have filled up financially - technical base. In department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures there were 16 new fire-engines, 1 specialised KAMAZ, 64 respiratory devices, 8 complexes under abnormal condition - the saving equipment. There was a fire fast in settlement Solovevsk of Tyndinsky area.

the chief of the Far East regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia the general - major Alexander Solovev Has congratulated colleagues, and to journalists has told that, despite all complexities, this year was indicative for rescuers.

- Each emergency – it for us a new bitter lesson from which we take important experience, - was noticed by Alexander Viktorovich. – For the Far East   and for the Amur region – It was not simple year, but that less, we have consulted with all problems, have improved financially - technical base and became even more prepared for destiny whims.