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The inhabitant of the Omsk region has broken, having fallen in hospital in lift mine

Accident has occurred in a city Isilkule.

About nine o`clock in the morning during detour in a building of local railway hospital the security guard has found out the blood-stained man in mine of the lift. It was still live. On « fast » the victim have taken away in the central hospital of area, however despite the rendered help, the local resident has died.

- Now inspectors inspect, finding out all circumstances happened, - Larissa Boldinova has told the senior assistant administrator of SOU SKR across the Omsk region .

According to preliminary data, the man has come into a building of railway hospital at night. There repair work was spent. It has stumbled in the dark and from the third floor has fallen in lift mine which has not been fenced.

- During check the legal estimation will be given actions of those persons which were responsible for observance of rules of a labour safety and security at vedeniistroitelnyh works in hospital, - Larissa Boldinova speaks.