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In the Samara region will judge two sportsmen trading in anabolics


Criminal case which have raised on two inhabitants of the Samara region for sale of anabolics, have passed in court.

33 - summer Dmitry Isaev and 21 - summer Anton Solovev have got acquainted three years ago in sports club where together went to swing muscles. Both accepted steroids, but have then refused this poison. However have decided to earn additionally, extending anabolics among other sportsmen. It is possible, after all men had communications in the trainer`s environment and among regular customers of sport clubs. Especially guys knew all preparations each and all. Enterprising sportsmen have begun illegal business.

Isaev has been registered on the Internet - the sites devoted to anabolics. Through the Internet the sportsman reserved preparations which it then received by mail. It conducted all accounts department on sale of anabolics. Nightingales in the meantime searched for clients in sports clubs where worked, advertised miracle preparations for increase in muscular weight. And then also advised to men as them to accept though medical education in Soloveva was not.

last year narcopolicemen have detained Soloveva when that tried to sell 180 tablets and several vials with a liquid. And then pravoohraniteli have appeared suddenly with a search in apartment to Isaevu. There they have found 32 ampoules, about 1700 tablets, 199 bottles with a poison, numerous post notices on his name, forms of remittances, and also, in the computer, correspondence with suppliers, lists of clients, quantity of the preparations sold by it, a price - sheets.

On guys have filed criminal charges on 3 episodes of sale and 1 episode of storage of strong substances, informs a press - service UFSKN across the Samara region.