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Swedes prefer to buy bread in small bakeries

last years among the Swedish population became popular and   even fashionable to buy bread   in small bakeries. Here   it do on ferment, and it is frequent with addition of various sunflower seeds, nuts and dried berries.    

such bread is   much more tasty, useful   and   ecologically safe. Many inhabitants of Sweden are ready to pay about 80 crones for a loaf   instead of   30 in shops.

taking into account that the raw materials for a bread batch manage to manufacturers around 10 crones for one loaf the bread batch becomes favourable business.

grocery concern Salt å kvarn not only bakes bread, but also sells non-polluting   a flour made on a biodynamic method, in private bakeries. For 7 years the concern turn has grown in 5 times: With 30   to   150 million.

the number of members of the branch organisation of the Swedish bakers and confectioners has grown   for the first time for many years. In the country increases and   the number wishing to arrive on courses of bakers, informs Swedish   radio .