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Process on murder of the assistant to mufti KCHR it is transferred almost for a month

Court have transferred for October, 11th.

the Reasons on which have postponed the process beginning, this petition from the defender of defendant Nazbi Adzhieva, the former imam of Kislovodsk, about impossibility of its appearance, the petition of the victim for adjournment of judicial session, and also in view of illness of defendant Ramazana Berdieva, the assistant and the nephew of the chairman of Spiritual management of Moslems KCHR and Stavropol Territory Ismaila Berdieva which are on hospitalisation.

And even on the eve of the first session on this sensational case on an official site of Sovereign court KCHR the information that " has been placed; the preventive punishment in the form of the imprisonment, selected concerning accused, is left without change and holding in custody term is prolonged till March, 06th, 2011 .

we Will remind also that according to the investigation Adzhiev and Berdiev have inclined   To commission of crime of Salavat Gandaeva, the direct executor of murder.