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In Belarus have forbidden all flights for the INSTANT - 29

on September, 24th the decision on an interdiction for flights of fighters the INSTANT - 29 in Belarus in the morning was accepted.

is a world practice. The interdiction will last before primary finding-out of the reasons, - has commented «»   the chief a press - services of the Ministry of Defence Vyacheslav Remenchik .

  - How much days it can last?

  - In this case term is not established.


TTH the INSTANT - 29

In Belarus there are last updatings of the plane - the end 80 - h - the beginnings 90 - h years. Today such fighters are only on aviation base in the Birch and in Baranovichi. According to some sources, in the country about 40 INSTANTS.

Weight, kg.

the empty plane - 11. 600

the Maximum speed

at height - 2340 (=2. 2)

at the earth - 1400

Practical range, km

without PTB - 1500

with three PTB - 2900

with one refuelling - more than 5000


one 30 - mm the built in gun GSH - 301 with a unit of fire of 75 cartridges

fighting loading - 3000 kg on six podkrylevyh and one podfjuzeljazhnom sites of an external suspension bracket.