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In the Tver region in garden territory have knocked down the three-year kid

on May, 14th, 2010 in one of kindergartens of a city of Kashin, as usual, there was a morning walk. Group of kiddies at the age from ones and a half till three years with the tutor walked in garden territory. There even there is a special platform for a nursery, fenced zaborchikom. The tutor into which duties enters to watch children, has distracted. The boy of three years from its group has approached to a gate, has opened it and has fallen outside the limits a safe platform. There already with might and main played doshkoljata. Some went for a drive on bicycles. Will of accident, and can, and criminal oversight of the tutor the fellow has got under bicycle wheels.

Already in hospital it was found out: at the kid crisis of two bones of a shin. Heavy harm to health – so the forensic scientist has estimated a trauma.

the Kashinsky interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor has confirmed the indictment. And criminal case have directed to world court of a city of Kashin.