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One of the best inspectors of the Novosibirsk region has died of a pneumonia

Alexander Rajko was born in village Orsk of Moshkovsky area. It has passed the big and worthy way of the real professional. About 21 years carried epaulets of the military man: ministered in SibVO. In military Office of Public Prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region it adequately worked in different posts.

One year ago the talented detective and the skilled head has been appointed to new responsible fast. It became the head of Chanovsky interdistrict investigatory department of investigatory management.

Rajko was the person responsible and betrayed to the business. On service frequently spent not only week-days, but also evenings, target. Tried to finish each business, to involve guilty in the answer, to achieve, that each crime was investigated professionally and faultlessly. Friends and colleagues spoke: « If Alexander Viktorovich gets down to business, guilty will not leave from punishment ».

« Not once wrote about sensational cases, investigating which, Alexander Viktorovich and its subordinates achieved success. It was necessary to work with otjavlennymi criminals, Alexander Rajko always remained the person affable and hospitable. With friends and colleagues always was on communication, and responded to phone calls at any time.

on September, 23rd Alexander Viktorovicha did not become. The professional, the attentive head and a reliable companion, the family man and the father of two children has died of a pneumonia. To it was only 40 years …

« » brings sincere condolences to Alexander Viktorovicha Rajko`s native relatives.