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Vologzhane read verses and sang songs on Nikolay Rubtsova`s words at a monument to the poet

Today at a monument to Nikolay Rubtsovu vologzhane have gathered to take pleasure in poetry of the Vologda poet.

Autumn meetings of fans of creativity Nikolay Rubtsova became already kind tradition. This year and weather has not brought: in the street there was that clear yellow autumn which so loved Hems. The line from a known poem of the poet became the motto of an anniversary fifth meeting:   « the Star of fields burns, without dying away ».

Ensemble from Totmy « the Joy ».
the Photo: Dmitry GULEVICH

From interested persons to read verses and to sing songs on Nikolay Rubtsova`s words there was no release. Even it was necessary to limit many in time that everyone could approach to the microphone opened for all.

Were among them and vologzhane, and Nikolay Mihajlovicha`s relatives, and those who was familiar with it. pochtit memory of the poet there have arrived also visitors from Cherepovets, Totmy, Ustyug, St.-Petersburg, Moscow.


Vladimir Chashchin sings a song on verses « Silent my Native land ».
the Photo: Dmitry GULEVICH
the Representative of the Moscow Rubtsovsky centre Evgenie Kljuzov reads favourite verses of the Vologda poet.
a photo: Dmitry GULEVICH

the Feast of memory of the poet has proceeded musical gala - a concert « Rubtsovsky autumn ».