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Medvedev has paid attention to pensioners

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has spent on September, 24th meeting on socially - to an economic situation of citizens of advanced age.

During session the president has drawn a conclusion that a number of decisions on improvement of quality of social service of older persons will be shortly accepted. The head of the state also recognised that this subject - absolutely presidential .
Fairly having noticed that the considerable quantity of pensioners was endured about the life by heavy events - wared, restored the country, have lived in dashing 90 - e - Medvedev has noted, as now to older persons it is hard.  
Also the Russian president has told that people strashego more often write it generations about the problems connected with medical attendance and medicines, about difficulties in payment of habitation and pensions, about nevostrebovannosti.
It is very considerable part of a society. People - with a wide experience and knowledge. And our problem - effectively to use their potential, to create stimulus and conditions for labour activity, to develop special programs of employment for those pensioners who is ready to work - Medvedev has underlined.
Thus, according to the president, soon there is a number of the decrees supporting life-support of older persons, passes ITAR - TASS.