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In Tver break the schedule of inclusion of heating in kindergartens

Connection of social objects in a city has begun since September, 23rd, but socially - cultural objects in Zatvereche, including a kindergarten, and school which are supplied with heat from the boiler company « TKSM - 2 » remained without heat.

the Chief engineer « TKSM - 2 » Michael Kudryashov has explained to the correspondent «» why kiddies are urged to freeze:  

- Our system of giving of the heat-carrier in a line « Southern » has no giving possibility only on these objects. For heat giving there it is required to put under loading all heating main « Southern » with all consumers, that is zhilfondom, therefore heating on socially - cultural objects of Zatverechja will start to arrive then, when and in houses: since September, 27th.  

Meanwhile in memory of inhabitants of area the memoirs on how they had to live all the September long without hot water are still live.

It has occurred from - that the company « the Tver municipal systems » has run into debt « TKSM - 2 » it is more than 5 million roubles.

the Debt is not paid till now, but water since September, 21st all - taki have included. When the heat supply of Zatverechja will begin, to this sum will increase 10 million more.