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Special services of Kyrgyzstan declare that have forbidden display of a film of the legal expert from China

Special services of Kyrgyzstan declare that have forbidden display of a film of the legal expert from China under instructions of the head of the Office of the President of a transient period of Emilja Kaptagaeva. On it informs the remedial centre « Citizens against corruption » referring to employees of Public service of national security of the country.

we Will remind that the scandal, threatening to outgrow in international, has inflamed today in an operating time of festival of the documentary films devoted to human rights. Public service of national security has suspended film display « 10 conditions of love » director John Levisa (Australia) which was shown in the Historical museum within the limits of IV International festival under the human rights, passing in Bishkek. Display of a film in the middle of a session has been interrupted by employees GSNB.

« According to oral explanations of representatives GSNB, the film is removed from display and ostensibly there is the written document signed by the head of Presidential Administration Emilem Kaptagaevym, but the document has not been presented organizers and legal experts, however film demonstration has been all the same stopped » - mark in the remedial centre.

Employees of special services also have broken picture demonstration « Russian Lessons » director Andrey Nekrasov and Olga Konsky (Russia - Norway), narrating about documenting of infringements of human rights.

According to PTS « Citizens against corruption » « this film is devoted destiny of the known legal expert - to the president of the World congress of Uigurs of Rabie Kadyr. In the middle of 90 - h years it has occupied the seventh line in a rating of the richest citizens of China. Rabija Kadyr also was the adviser of the government of the country. It openly criticised the policy spent by China in its native Sintszjan - Uigur independent area (SUAR) ».

As leaders of a civil society, « mark; yesterday in office of the remedial centre « Citizens against corruption » representatives of main board of a society of Uigurs « were converted; Ittipak » with the request to remove display of a film from the program of festival and to organise its display after parliamentary elections ».

« as the reference Reason pressure from party GSNB KR on an Uigur community as ostensibly display of this film will affect socially political situation in Kyrgyzstan on the eve of parliamentary elections » has served; - civil active workers explain.

we Will remind that PTS « Citizens against corruption » is one of organizers of a film festival.