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Till the end of summer in Petersburg there were 37 days

Calendar autumn this year almost has coincided with the meteorological. On the eve of September rains has washed off abnormal heat. Yes so that from it there were only memoirs. And one of these days there has come astronomical autumn – night now to length of light day. But summer till now in a city: brisk streets are hammered by trays with soft drinks and ice-cream, steam-ships roll tourists on waterways of Northern capital, fountains on - former flow like water. Eventually, not all flowers still zavjali on lawns, and the leaf fall just - only has begun. When Petersburg will be left by summer – found out « flowers will not wither

Traces of summer for the present it is possible to find on Moskovsky prospectus. Vesnoju the committee on an accomplishment has landed on city streets three thousand six hundred vases and pots with flowers.

is for a short while, - the employee of service of an accomplishment shrugs shoulders, - and removes a flower from a design. The pot with zavjazshim a plant goes to a truck body.

- For colourful and decorative registration of a city annual flower plants are used. Upon termination of the vegetative period, the plants which have lost a decorative kind are utilised, and plastic flowerpots for the winter are dismantled. Them send on a warehouse, – explains a press - the secretary of committee on an accomplishment of Karina Taukenova .

Designers have already cleaned the fifth part of flower designs from a city. These plants hopelessly zavjali. Before colds flowers - long-livers remain on Kamenoostrovsky, Neva, Big and Moscow prospectuses.

Trays will be gone since October

- We here at least to 30 numbers remain, - the saleswoman of corn at the corner of Apraksin - Garden Elena Vikina smiles.

the Autumn price for an ear is lowered almost on third. But buyers all the same do not hurry to sale. That is strange, in dank weather the corn with a heat about a heat should disperse better, than in heat.

- the Lie, - explains Elena, - in the Summer people ask to wrap with themselves ears. That in a park or square shade to have a bite. And now there were only those who eats on the run. From two hundred pieces of sale have fallen to fifty in day.

Seasonal losses suffer also trays with morozhennym, soft drinks. In their city almost any more you will not meet. Consider incomes owners of vegetable tents, prepare for moving on a warehouse.

- As a rule, to businessmen of seasonal shops in contracts registers terms from May till October inclusive. Particularly, it depends on what kind of the goods realise that, or other bench. For morozhennogo, for example, seasonal trade lasts from May till October. And for bahchevyh cultures - from July till October, – tells a press - the secretary of committee of economic development,   The industrial policy and trade Alexander Sazhin.

To the beginning of October the city will be left by summer terraces of cafe and restaurants. Wishing to sit behind little tables in the open air ever less.

- We in the end of August have refused a verandah. There and summer of visitors was not much. People lasted more close to the conditioner. And as has become cold – that only in a hall, already to get warm, – the barman of restaurant on 2 - oh Krasnoarmejsky makes a helpless gesture. – But in a following season, a summer terrace all the same we are not going to refuse. People should have a choice.

This summer in a city worked from ones and a half to two thousand seasonal shops, how much they were ahead of schedule closed, nobody considered.

Waterways of Petersburg will become empty by November

At least even a month on quays will be audible rechevki summer. On the rivers, channels of Petersburg a tourist season to end only on October, 29th.

is a date official closing, - tells a press - the secretary of committee on transportno - the transit policy of a city Xenia Gorlevaja , - If owners of steam-ships for the economic reasons decide to finish a season earlier, their this right.

Interested persons already were. Vessels of one of large travel agencies of a city will stand since October, 15th. But there were also those whom colds do not frighten. In the evening from city bridges it is possible to make out tourists by the steam-ships wrapped in plaids.

the Summer will end on November, 1st

In Petersburg of more than forty fountains. To close them will begin next week. For a winter technicians need to have time to check up the equipment, and to replace the failed units and sites. After all, fountains it not only pipes and falling water.

- Fountains which are served by the Petersburg Water canal, have more than seven and a half   Thousand lamps, more than four thousand nozzles, 847 pumps, 915 electromagnetic valves and almost 300 km of a cable, - ascertain a press - the secretary « the Water canal » Oksana Popova.

One of the first in this year will finish the work a gushing complex on the Moscow area. It will occur on September, 27th. The fountain on Lenin`s area will be closed on October, 12th, a fountain in Aleksandrovsk to a garden – on October, 27th.   and at the Kazan cathedral and at all   on November, 1st. Only with its closing it will be possible to tell with confidence: the summer has ended.