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The Internet - fights from - for ideas to write down in the column a nationality the Siberian proceed

almost hooligan invention « to register in census by Siberians » (details) (basically that nepovadno was to bring in perepisnye sheets a heap of improbable nationalities and to remind of existence of Siberians as those) continues to excite minds. To discuss and denounce her undertook already and serious experts - historians.  

Perhaps, only giving thanks to their performance in Novosibirsk to the world has learnt authors of idea. By them are named the musician of Sayan mountains Andrijanov (the organizer of the Siberian musical ethnofestival the Taiga and the author of a song We are Siberians ), artists Konstantin Eremenko and Artem of Rags (soorganizator the infamous youth action Monstratsija ) .    

Managing department of ethnography of Institute of archeology and ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, the doctor of historical sciences Irina Oktjabrsky has publicly declared RIA Novosti news agency that the thought on a recognition of the new nation - the Siberians, appeared on the Internet, should not be considered seriously, and people, its advancing, justifies their creative wild behaviour .  

- the people who absolutely not are not guided in problematics could formulate Such concept. Behind this idea it is not necessary any socially - political and ethnic realities. It some kind of provocation. Probably, they wanted to create any precedent, discussion, - Irina Oktjabrsky has declared.  

On this a press - conferences there were many Novosibirsk journalists. And performance of the scientist, whatever given reason it was, only has added fuel to the fire discussions which already became was to abate   on the Internet. Disputes and appeals « To register Siberians » have flashed with new force.