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By miracle the citizen of Kazan who has worried explosion kills red tape

we Will remind, state of emergency has occurred at night on August, 31st . Zavdat, having locked the car, has had time to reach apartment as the roar was distributed only. The blast wave has literally covered old « the nine » glass and brick splinters. The car has crumpled, but the owner has calmed arrived to the place of deputy minister of Energy Farit Tuktarov. He has promised to pay repair cost. Zavdat was delighted, after all on OSAGO explosion of the next building not insured event.

But on elektropodstrantsii here already and walls have erected, and the car and costs to the crumpled. As have explained Ibragimovu, the statement for payment will consider only when it will bring the inquiry that the car has suffered from explosion, instead of from prank of domestic children. The document of Zavdat tried to receive in militia. And there from it wave away: « Business is not finished yet! Wait for the investigation termination ».

It turns out, what survey of a scene and indications of numerous witnesses among which, by the way, and deputy minister Farit Tuktarov, is not enough?

- it is possible to Wait long, but the car is necessary now, - Zavdat is distressed.

the Owner himself has inserted new glasses, but on repair of a body of money is not present.

the Company « Tatenergo » which belongs « Lenin » without papers indemnification to pay does not hurry up.

the Electrosubstation has fallen from - for the faulty equipment
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- the certain package of documents is necessary For the question decision, - have declared in a press - company service.

the Vicious circle « to blow up » the decision of Zarechensky interdistrict department of investigatory committee about the termination of check of this explosion can only.

- Within the next few days the decision will be taken out, - have declared in a press - service of investigatory management SK at Office of Public Prosecutor RT.