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Nizhni Novgorod applies for a champion`s title on berdvotchingu

Forthcoming days off, on October, 2nd and 3,   are declared by the International days of supervision of birds. More than 35 countries of Europe compete among participants of the International days of supervision, in number of the registered kinds and the considered individuals.

tomorrow, on Saturday, on October, 2nd in 11. 00 in territory of the Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin there will pass the special action. Interested persons can join supervision and help Nizhni Novgorod to confirm a long-term rank of the champion. For this purpose it is enough to download the questionnaire from an official site of administration of Nizhni Novgorod (www. admgor. nnov. ru) and, having filled it to send on electronic mail sopr@dront. ru or sopr_nn@mail. ru. Online filling of questionnaires probably on sites www. biodat. ru and www. rbcu. ru.

- Action is spent with a view of attention attraction nizhegorodtsev to the world of birds, problems of preservation of their habitats and wildlife management as a whole, - have noted in a press - service of administration of Nizhni Novgorod. - ecologists will help all wishing to spend supervision over birds, and also will distribute nizhegorodtsam questionnaires for independent researches.

on October, 3rd, 2010 in 17. 00 ecocenter Dront will direct results of researches to the International association on protection of birds BirdLife International which declares the country and a city, defeated the action of 2010.