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In Moldova biometric passports will fall in price

Cost of registration of the international passport with the biometric data within 30 days will decrease approximately to   570 leev   (35 euros) in comparison with present 75 euros.

the deputy minister of information technologies and communication Dorin Rechan, the new tariff will come into force after the governmental decree statement, most likely, to   1   November, 2010.

as he said to lower document cost it will be possible thanks to the grant in the form of the equipment on manufacturing and processing of biometric international passports. The grant will allocate for 2 million euro to our country the European union. Now EU carries out monitoring of the international auction in which course the company on release of biometric passports will be defined. Offers will be published   on November, 9th.

Since January, 1st, 2011 to citizens of Moldova international passports with the biometric data will start to stand out only. New documents proving the identity will be valid within 7 years.   their owners can use already issued international passports before the expiration   period of validity.

documenting of citizens by biometric international passports   - an indispensable condition of EU for granting of Republic Moldova of the liberalised visa regime.

in our country   biometric passports have started to stand out in February, 2008. Already more than 2500 Moldavian citizens were converted behind similar documents.