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Inhabitant Kirovo - Chepetsk has carried away 17 000 roubles from the terminal

Precisely « terminator » passes on a report of the Department of Internal Affairs 18 - summer inhabitant Kirovo - Chepetsk. Having become slightly tight, the young man has gone to shop for « banquet continuation ». When left shop, « terminator » has paid attention to the terminal at doors. The freebie, despite a criminal musty smell, has involved the guy. And he of more graceful has not thought up anything how simply to pull out an iron box where denominations get, and to carry away with itself(himself). Time was hardly for a midnight, to the people in the street almost anybody.

Money in a bill acceptor there were 17 000 roubles. The young man has called a taxi and has gone to booze on a city... In the morning « the rich person » has woken up in hostel - in a pocket there were 200 roubles. At this time it already with might and main was searched by militia. The blessing, the person of a thunder-storm of terminals was lighted on record from the video observation chamber in shop.

And in the street it have caught. « In all alcohol » is guilty; - such version was voiced by the criminal. But the court hardly will make fault to alcohol. And here « terminatoru » plus damage compensation threatens till five years of imprisonment.