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Officials of Kyrgyzstan have broken display of creative works of a film festival under human rights

As informs the remedial centre Citizens against corruption display of films of festival have forbidden in Naryn . Leaders of a civil society express the extreme indignation of failure of display of films of IV International festival of films under human rights Bir dujno Kyrgyzstan 2010 in the city of Naryn . Under their data, demonstration of films has been planned for October, 1st at a local cinema Sonkul in 11. 00. However when schoolboys and the students who are target group of festival, have come to a cinema building could not get inside. The establishment administration has referred that in a building the electricity for non-payment is disconnected. Meanwhile all boards of festival about a cinema building have been broken. The administration has shifted all responsibility on the security guard who ostensibly was in a state of intoxication. This security guard hardly has not made fight with the regional representative of festival in Naryn - inform Citizens against corruption . According to the centre while the question was solved with renewal of supply of electricity, the cinema building had a militia and the beginnings in the rough form to disperse spectators . Display of works of festival have transferred to a hall of Naryn state university. But after the beginning of demonstration of films the assistant to pro-rector NarynGu Majram Akmatalieva has roughly broken display, giving reason for it intervention in educational process . We will remind that in Bishkek employees of Public service of national security also have broken display of works of festival. When scandal has inflamed, employees of special services admitted that the order to suspend demonstration of films of festival it the head of Presidential Administration of a transient period of Emil Kaptagaev has given. By the way, till now Emil Kaptagaev and its administration did not deny this scandalous information of workers GSNB.