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Medicine of Tatarstan - the most advanced in Russia

- Information of branch it is not simple a craze and convenience to patients. It, first of all, serious improvement of quality of work of medical staff and all structure as a whole, - the head physician of Tatarstan is assured by Ajrat Farrahov. – If to look at a rating of the state services, medical among them – one of the most demanded.

However if with education sphere information in republic it is more and more less clear with medicine all not so is simple.

« Friendship » between patients, doctors and computer technologies as it has appeared, in Tatarstan problem enough: in hospitals and polyclinics catastrophically there are no elementary computers, and the promised service of making an appointment with the doctor in the Internet operates while only in Kazan.

About electronic turn, selection of medicines for the recipe and etc. and at all while it is possible to dream.

- Computers should be at each doctor, each nurse. Service of the patient should become not only qualitative, but also fast, - the head of the ministry of information and communication RT Nikolay Nikiforov has explained. - to systematise all structure of public health services in republic, it is necessary to establish in addition still at least 17 thousand automated workplaces. Cost of one – about 79 thousand roubles. For an example, for equipment of one hospital it is necessary 10 million roubles, on all republic – about 1,2 billion roubles.
add to it the hi-tech modern equipment which cost frequently exceeds hundred thousand roubles.

However, republic to eat than be proud – at us it is created unique on IT - to the decision the project - the dispatching centre.

In its basis – a principle « one window » when the patient does not run on hospitals, does not spend the time, staying in turns. Weigh it « a treatment route » from polyclinic and diagnostics before hi-tech operation (and if it is necessary, rehabilitations) it is accurately planned by means of uniform information system.