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The vigilant inhabitants of the Stavropol who in time has informed on possible state of emergency, will award

to Avoid terrible act of terrorism vigilance of the local resident has helped, - the head of a city staff of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Stavropol Boris Skripka has informed today at a briefing. We will remind, yesterday in 8:30 mornings in uniform service of an emergency call 112 the deputy director of cafe « has called; Gloria » Vyacheslav Alyoshin. He has informed that near cafe there is a suspicious car of which wires stick out. The field investigators who have arrived into place have found out the mined car in which there was an explosive, capacity to 60 kg of trotyl. An explosive have managed to neutralise in time. If not Vyacheslav`s vigilance, even it is terrible to present consequences. After all besides high-rise buildings in an explosion zone there was a school and a kindergarten.

- the Explosive was very powerful and besides filled with amazing elements, - Boris Skripka continues. If it have put in action, the defeat zone could reach kilometre. At least, in this radius povyletali all windows. It is necessary to notice that all field services have fulfilled very accurately. On car mine clearing 1000 persons of a various profile have been involved more than 60 units of technics, nearby. Especially it would be desirable to note professionals from mine clearing group. Which technicians at use including the special robot, have managed to neutralise a bomb.

Continuing conversation on security in a city including about vigilance, Boris Skripka has noticed that after days after act of terrorism the quantity of calls to emergency service has increased five times.

- And it is good, - Boris Vsevolodovich has noticed. Let better citizens call in 112 and warn about suspicious subjects, than indifferently pass by. The dispatching service is ready to accept such calls, and in case of need security services into place will leave. Besides, this phone as is useful, that rumours were not spread. People should not panic and inflate dangerous gossips. If you whence - that have heard that where - that has occurred state of emergency, call in 112 and there will confirm or will deny this information. To believe hearings and to give in to a panic it is not necessary.

At a briefing also it has been noticed that this half-year, thanks to vigilance of separate citizens, the set of incidents has been prevented. Including some mass fights. The city administration has decided to encourage those citizens who will help to prevent state of emergency. Vyacheslav Alyoshin thanks to whom the tragedy yesterday has been prevented, too will receive the award.

- Conditions in our region on - former strained, - continue Boris Skripka. Unfortunately, acts of terrorism for the North Caucasus not a rarity. And as much as possible effectively to prevent them, not to do without the help of the simple population.