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The administration of Stavropol will hand over the award to the man who has informed on the mined car

Administration of Stavropol has decided to award the deputy director of local cafe Gloria Vyacheslav Alyoshin which vigilance has allowed to prevent large act of terrorism.

the mayor the decision on encouragement of the vigilant citizen with a costly present or money is accepted. Henceforth who from citizens will show vigilance, will be encouraged with a city administration - quotes RIA News words of head of department GO and CHS goradministratsii Boris Skripki.

Alyoshin, meanwhile, considers that anything especial has not made also an award does not merit.

I have made that would make everyone, it is a debt of any citizen. The monetary award from a city administration I will not take, and I will give it to children`s home of Stavropol - he has told.

we Will remind, on Thursday morning Alyoshin has noticed near cafe suspicious the Zhiguli also has called militia. The arrived guards have found in salon VAZ - 2107 body of the man with gunshot wounds and an improvised explosive device. From - for dangers of explosion tenants of two high-rise buildings and school have been evacuated. One more radio-controlled improvised explosive device has been found in 40 metres from the car. It, as well as the first, it was possible to neutralise.

Alyoshin could not explain why that car has seemed to it suspicious. Meanwhile, it is the reserve officer and has certain knowledge .