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On Wednesday on seaside roads two persons

on August, 10th about 16 hours on highway road « were lost; Wood – Lesozavodsk - Mountain Keys ». 48 - the summer woman   at the wheel « Mazda MPV » went towards the Kirov area. It has run away the car when made passing. The car has taken off for a ditch and has turned over. In accident was lost 16 - the summer passenger – the relative of the motorist.

One more road accident has occurred to tragical consequences yesternight in Ussuriisk. A press - traffic police UMVD service across Primorski Territory informs:

- road accident has occurred to Ussuriisk on street Mishennaja, 1. The driver of a gasoline tank truck moved from outside gos. Lines in a street direction Distant, on unstated while to the reasons transport has run away and has made overturning on the left side. As a result of failure was lost 19 - the summer passenger – The doctors who have arrived on a scene, diagnosed for it heavy cranial - brain traumas. Two persons: the driver and 29 - the summer passenger – are hospitalised.