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The trolley bus has driven into the pedestrian

On a report of UGIBDD UMVD of Russia on Transbaikalian edge for the last days in Transbaikalia is made 13 dorozhno - transport incidents, in which victims of a steel as driver, and pedestrians and passengers.

So on August, 10th the driver of a trolley bus has driven on 28 - the summer pedestrian passing road before close going transport in an unstated place. At the victim   a bruise of soft fabrics of the person.

the same day from - for distance non-observance Toyota - Hajs has faced with « Mazda - Demio » which from blow ran in ahead going « Ford - Transit ». As a result of threefold collision the two-year child &ndash has suffered; the passenger « Mazdas » which because of parents has not been fixed in a children`s armchair. At the boy various head injuries.


On a crossroads of the Aginsky path and Lipova the driver « GAZELLES » at a turn has faced with « Ladoj - Prioroj ». As a result two passengers « Frets » have got various traumas.


In Karymsky and Balejsky areas drivers of cars of the stamp « Volvo » and « Toyota - Mark 2 » have not coped with a steering and have admitted overturning. Drivers, and in « have suffered; to Toyota - Mark 2 » also two passengers.



All for the last days on roads of Transbaikalia it is registered 13 dorozhno - transport incidents.