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The investigation team for carrying out of survey of a place of accident of An is created - 12 in Magadan

On a scene they will find out the reasons and circumstances of falling of cargo plane An - 12. A deputy head of Far East investigatory management on transport Alexander Dyomin has headed criminal case investigation in Magadan. In connection with the considerable area of area of inspection in addition Khabarovsk to Magadan was left by 5 employees of investigatory management. As the official representative of Far East investigatory management on transport SKR Natalia Salkina informs, the investigation team staff will roughly take place in the settlement Omsukchan of the Magadan area nearest to a place of airplane crash settlement.

Inspectors should inspect the aircraft, to fix a site and a status of the plane, elements of its design. Also with attraction of judicial physicians inspectors will spend initial survey of bodies of the lost crewmen and passengers of the plane as soon as they will be found by rescuers.

All 20 persons will take part in survey nearby. Now the inspectors working in Magadan, interrogate workers of aviation services of the airport of Magadan. Criminal case investigation proceeds.