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The Office of Public Prosecutor has fined the pilot of the broken plane on three thousand roubles

the Plane has started to collapse in air, has fallen in lake in several metres from people … the Passenger is hospitalised in hospital with the diagnosis closed cranial - a brain trauma, a backbone bruise … with such headings headings of Krasnoyarsk newspapers couple of months dazzled back.

we Will remind, on June, 12th, in 10 km from Krasnoyarsk small samoletik a class of extralight aircraft of Che - 22 « Korvet » with two people onboard made walking flight. The vessel was private, the man has bought it to itself, is visible for such walks or that in stoppers not to stand. Therefore flight was unapproved. As it has appeared,   the pilot did not leave at all on a radio communication with dispatchers of air traffic control of Krasnoyarsk Center OrVd and has not informed on breakage, that the plane has fallen, local residents have informed in police.

Diagnostics has shown – in the engine « Korveta » The reducer has broken. The pilot, having understood that cannot sit down, has decided to dive in lake where people nearby had a rest. Fortunately, has done without victims. Now, a grief - the pilot has received the penalty in three thousand roubles under article « infringement by the user of air space of federal rules of use of air space ».