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On Kamchatka « have woken up » three volcanoes

On Kamchatka eruption three volcanoes proceeds at once.

the Volcano Karymsky has spat out already   some columns of ashes with gas highest of which has made   three kilometres   above sea level.

the past days in volcano construction it is registered more than 500 seismic events that much more usual - the representative of the Kamchatka branch of geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Sciences has informed.

the heated avalanches now descend From slopes Karymsky.

Has raged and Shiveluch . This volcano has thrown out a column of ashes in height of 900 metres of 3 kilometres above sea level, the heated stone avalanches also descend from its slopes - the geophysicist has told.

also the well-known giant Kizimen Besides, does not cease. For the past days in construction of this giant it is registered more than 450 seismic events. On Kizimene continuous spasmodic volcanic trembling is observed, avalanches descend from it.

to Volcanoes Karymsky and Kizimen is appropriated orange, and Shiveluchu a yellow code of danger to aircraft, however threat to citizens is absent, passes Interfax .