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Almost 90 000 Japanese live in temporary barracks after earthquake on March, 11th

After five months after destructive earthquakes and tsunami almost 90 thousand Japanese continue to live on March, 11th in time refuges.

In the official list of victims as a result of act of nature 15689 persons are registered, 4744 more persons are considered as missing persons.

we Will remind, then tremors and a tsunami wave have completely destroyed 120 thousand buildings and have hurt about 100 thousand.

the People evacuated from waste coastal areas, are urged to live till now in the special points equipped at local schools and at stadiums. The country authorities promise to create by October normal conditions for their residing and to close evacuation points.

Expenses on restoration of the destroyed areas of Japan will make nearby about 220 billion dollars. A damage from failure on the atomic power station “ Fukushima - 1 ” In which result there were considerable emissions of radiation, can reach 142 billion dollars, passes ITAR - TASS.