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The inhabitant of Irkutsk has attacked on 7 - the summer girl at a house entrance

Inspectors and employees of criminal investigation department of Irkutsk police search for the man whom suspect of fulfilment of actions of sexual character. The unknown person has attacked on 7 - the summer girl at an entrance and has climbed to the child under a skirt. This history actively discuss on the Internet at a forum of Irkutsk parents

- the Girl came back home from a children`s playground, - write forumchane. – At an entrance the muzhik has approached to it and has called ostensibly to expel a cat from an entrance. The child on the trustfulness has agreed. And while searched for a cat, the man has started to touch the child everywhere!!! On a court yard was nearby 2 - 3 o`clock in the afternoon.

it is important!

Signs of the suspect

By sight 30 - 35 years, growth 170 see, a dense constitution, hair dark, a hairstyle short. Can disappear in territory of Sverdlovsk, Lenin and October areas of Irkutsk.

Persons, something knowing about a site of the man, police ask to be converted by phones: 333 - 794, 216 - 805, 242 - 488 or 02.

For the information, contributing   to capture of the criminal, compensation is guaranteed.