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The United Nations Security Council has urged the president of Syria Asada to stop violence in the country

Private consultations on a situation in Syria have been spent on August, 10th by the UN Security Council.

After their termination participants have made the statement in which have urged the president of the country Bashara Asada to stop immediately murders and arrests of oppositionists.

« the Government of Syria should stop violence, murders and mass arrests of oppositionists. We once again persistently urge a mode of Bashara Asada to listen for requirements of Security Council and the international community. Last week Advice has acted with an official statement in which all requirements to the government of this country » have been accurately and clearly stated; - the assistant to the constant representative of Great Britain at United Nations Filip Parhem has declared.

the Syrian government on - former insists that the purpose of military operation - to clear the country of the extremists who have flooded it. In total from the beginning of stirrings in March, 2011 in Syria 1700 persons were lost nearby, informs Russia - 24 .