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Denmark remained without the Libyan diplomats

Continues to be reduced   number of diplomats of the Libyan mode in Tripoli abroad. The two last diplomats representing government Dzhamahirii, are declared   personas non grata in Danish   kingdom. On the instructions of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark Espersen are handed over Lena by it of the notification message with the requirement   to leave kingdom limits in   a current of 5 days.

About this decision   the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark have been informed vitse - the consul of Libya Saleh Omar Abu   Rvesha and the attache on economy of Haled   Mansur Salem an ale - Asfar.

« For them it   it has not appeared unexpectedness, - has informed Lena Espersen in interview to site Politiken. dk. - It had been gave 5 days on gathering. On - to mine, they were upset that time has not enough ».

main Libyan   the diplomat, consul general Muner   Eldavani, has left the Danish kingdom on May, 27th. Leaving, Eldavani in difference   from two remained diplomats publicly has declared the fidelity to colonel Kaddafi.