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Upon murder cheljabintsa in a drugstore criminal case

the Chelyabinsk police is brought costs on ears. The best forces are thrown on searches of the man which has arranged yesterday shooting in a drugstore on a crossroads of the prospectus of Lenin and Freedom.

— Around 17. 30 the man has entered into a drugstore by sight years 30, it has got the weapon, presumably a sawn-off shotgun of a gun 16 - go calibre, — has informed «» a deputy head of investigatory department on the Soviet area of Chelyabinsk SKR on the Chelyabinsk area Sergey Ivans. — the unknown person has shot at the visitor standing at a counter. Left a drugstore, then has returned, has made one more shot and has disappeared. Criminal case under article « is already brought; Murder ». The victim worked as the engineer in business concern, children at it were not.

This crime is as like as two peas similar to murder of two-month prescription, an event in a drugstore of the same network, it is literally in one stop from this place. On May, 26th the person with similar signs and in a medical mask on the person has entered into a drugstore on Lenin, 36.

— to move to Nobody! — he has told and has got a sawn-off shotgun.

the Robber began to remove cheap ornaments from visitors. And when the buyer has come into a premise, without deliberating, has shot at the man then has easy left.

On a question of the correspondent «» a leah the same person has made these two terrible murders, Sergey Ivans has responded:

— This version is checked.