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Concerning physicians the violence grows in flashpoints

In the report of the International committee of the Geneva cross (MKKK), entitled   « medical aid Rendering in   dangers » it is told about 600 attacks on doctors, nurses, ambulance cars and the hospitals, made in hot   points from the middle 2008 on the end of 2010. 16 countries have got to the black list, including   Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Colombia. Alarm   authors of the report are called by that circumstance that though a number of attacks and was   casual, the most part had the thought over and premeditated character.

the Right of wounded men   on reception of medical aid and physicians on its rendering zafiskirovano   in the first Geneva convention. However and now, after almost ones and a half   centuries after its acceptance, it it is regular   it is broken, the general director of the Geneva cross Iv Dakkor has declared.

« It is clearly looked through   a tendency of ignoring of the requirement of rendering of medical aid needing   in it, - he speaks. - for us   very important and that anybody, seemingly, does not have before any business ».

If still any some years ago every time when the ambulance car got under the bombardment, the armed people rushed   in hospitals or arrested doctors with nurses, flashed big   scandal. Now such cases in   an order veshche also do not interest anybody, including the governments.

Ignoring Geneva   conventions infringes on interests and quite often life of millions   people in different corners terrestrial   a sphere.

Publication   the report on disturbing position   affairs with rendering medical   the help in flashpoints Red   The cross begins the campaign calculated on 4 year about a reminder to the conflicting parties in conflicts about their obligations concerning physicians and wounded men.