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The United States temporarily remained without planes - invisible beings

the Pentagon   has spent many billions   dollars of the American tax bearers on working out and   building   fighters - invisible beings. However now almost 200 ultramodern   winged cars   on technical   to the reasons cannot   to rise   in   air.

Probation flights F - 22 Raptors have been suspended in May and since then and have not renewed. In all systems of power supply and supply by the oxygen, working with faults are guilty.

American   the military aircraft is pursued, seemingly, by ill fate. On last   to week have been stopped and   probation   flights of the newest   a fighter   F - 35. In power supply system malfunctions in work of valves are revealed.

to It « to the phantom » between   other, does not carry   It is most. It   tests   from - for technical   malfunctions   interrupt   in   this year already   the third time. Military men   find it difficult to name   date of their renewal. Between   that, long breaks negatively   affect   on test pilots, which   it was necessary to return   in   the parts   and   to think out   different dodges, that   not to forget new   cars during time   unforeseen   a break.

Nesmotrja   that   tests   F35 are not finished, the Pentagon in the beginning of this week has decided to buy 38 more such fighters and has allocated for these purposes of 535 million dollars. In due course F35 in quantity approximately 2400 will make 90 % istrebitelnoj aircraft of America. Cost of all program of their creation is estimated in 382 billion dollars.