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In Samara an onion have rescued the beaver who has got concrete a trap

last week, on August, 1st, experts of park « Samara the Onion » have rescued the beaver. That in concrete capacity the animal sits, the employee of park was informed by summer residents. As the beaver there has got it is not known, the Construction with the high walls, filled with water and different garbage. Get out a small animal itself of a concrete cage could not. The beaver already rather exhausted with attempts to get out, sat, having hidden in the corner, and did not react on any attempts it to stir. Most likely, the young animal searched for new places for settlement and it was involved with water. However it became for beaver a trap where it would be lost shortly without food, fresh water and possibility to take cover per day from heat. After all, as it is known, this beast conducts a nocturnalism.

Employees of the state inspection on protection of territory of park have helped the animal who has got to a misfortune. They have pulled out its large net, and have then brought and have let out in a reserved zone of national park - Mordovinsky I will understand. Having felt freedom a beaver quickly has departured from the Saviors, informs a press - service « Samara Onions ».